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Hong Kong Student Science Project Competition (2018)

Co-organized by The Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups, Education Bureau and Hong Kong Science Museum and supported by the Innovation Technology Commission and Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation, the annual educational event Hong Kong Student Science Project Competition was over. This year more than 300 teams from nearly 90 secondary schools joined the competition.
Our project ‘Starch Plastic’ won the 1st runner up of ‘Invention’ in the Junior Division. Congratulations! 
The summary for the project is as follow:
Starch Plastic
by 3A Ngan Tsz Wai, Wong Tsz Yiu, Wong Tsz Ching
It takes more than 450 years for plastics to be broken down. We are trying to make a plastic that can be rapidly decomposed in nature. Although there is bioplastic made from potato starch or corn starch nowadays, using food as the ingredients of bioplastic is a wastage.
Therefore, we choose the kitchen wastes that contain a high starch content, such as potato skin, sweet potato skin and kudzu skin, starch extracted from them are used to make starch plastic.
There are three benefits of starch plastic. It reduces the amount of kitchen waste that goes to landfills. It also reduces the plastic waste disposal so as to save the environment. Furthermore, it replaces plastic and reduces petroleum consumption. 
We successfully produce a starch plastic with high tenacity, flexibility and waterproof as traditional plastic. Moreover, the starch plastic can be decomposed in soil in just five days. We may apply the starch plastic to create some daily products, for example mobile phone case and facial mask.