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(SCMP Young Post 11/5/2015) Life-wide Learning Week at Kit Sam

The Life-wide Learning Week, which ran from 30th March to 1st April, offered students a myriad of learning opportunities outside classroom. It allowed students in Kit Sam to participate in multi-perspective activities, namely subject areas such as Science, Mathematics and Liberal Studies, cultural areas such as Community Service, Career-related Experience, Moral and Civic Education, Religious and Spiritual Education, and Chinese Culture. By showcasing a wide variety of enjoyable, educational and informative events, the school facilitated students to deepen and consolidate their own learning through quality reflection. The learning objective of providing students with diverse learning experiences to foster whole-person development was achieved. Such precious learning experiences are beneficial to widening students’ horizons, developing as well as nurturing their life-long interests, positive values and attitudes.
The success of this event must be attributed to the huge effort, creativity and commitment of the many community partners, teachers and students who promote and support learning for all levels throughout the week.
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