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Secondary One Bridging Programme 2122

The First Step at Kit Sam — S1 Bridging Programme
A good beginning is of paramount importance!
Our S1 students embarked on a new beginning in secondary school and engaged in a 5-day bridging programme in mid-August. The programme was comprehensive, including classes of the core subjects and a day camp which aimed at strengthening their learning capabilities as well as classroom routines, and building rapport with classmates and teachers.
After the opening ceremony on the first day, students experienced our school’s distinctive Self-regulated Learning (SRL) in a lesson conducted by the principal. It was a fruitful learning experience as students had the opportunity to taste the essence of SRL. During the 5 days, students actively participated in class activities to get prepared to adapt to the new learning environment. In the closing ceremony, the principal and teachers appreciated S1 students' positive and serious learning attitude and certificates were awarded to students who performed well. Happy episodes of students' participation in the programme were shared with parents. From the smiling faces captured, we can tell that students are ready for their learning journey at Kit Sam!