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Kit Sam Girls

The quality of Kit Sam students
1. Caring (respecting others, serving the community)
  •     being respectful and considerate
  •     helping each other and being co-operative
  •     willing to serve the community
2. Responsible (polite, doing their duties)
  •     complying with discipline and self-control
  •     having sets of positive values, bearing the responsibilities of family, the community, the nation and the world
  •     being optimistic and aggressive with power of perseverance
3. Pure
  •     virtuous, not being blind to fad or fashion
  •     good cultural accomplishment and habits of living
  •     having good characteristics (e.g. honesty, humility, diligence, initiative, responsibility, civism etc.)
  •     having an independence of moral judgement ability
1. Self-regulated learning ability
  •     having curiosity and desire of pursuing knowledge
  •     mastering the skill of learning
  •     cultivating a reading habit
  •     mastering the knowledge of technology information and the skill of collecting and managing that information
  •     being able to broaden learning opportunity and having global vision
2. Communicative ability
  •     getting the ability of using the three languages
  •     being able to write fluently in English and Chinese, possessing the strength of communicating with others in Cantonese, English and Putonghua
3. Critical analysis ability
  •     mastering the skill of knowledge in the aspect of memory, comprehension, uses, analysis, integrated capacity and comment
  •     having the ability of creativity and responding to changes
  •     having an independence of thinking and critical thinking ability
  •     having the strength of problem solving and decision making
  •     having an independence of moral judgement ability
  •     being able to respect multi-cultures and get on well with people from different cultures