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Academic Committee

The academic committee provides a platform for its members to review and thus make suggestions for policies on school curriculum development. The followings are the duties of the academic committee in order to enhance the efficiency of learning and teaching.
1. To review, advise on and develop policies on school curriculum development, medium of instruction, assessment for learning, teaching and learning quality
2. To review and formulate policies to enhance students’ learning motivation
3. To decide the subjects offered and the number of lessons for each form
4. To review and formulate policies to cater for student diversity
5. To enhance the communication and collaboration between the KLA
6. To monitor and following up students’ learning outcomes
7. To introduce and promoting different teaching methods
8. To set up academic reward systems
9. To promote academic activities and creating an atmosphere of learning
10. To record students personal data and other learning experience records systematically to help students pursue further studies or develop their career
11. To use the computer system to manage the school information and maintain a good relationship with external bodies which include EDB and HKEAA etc.
12. To enhance teachers’ development through holding different professional development activities and school orientations
13. To enhance the teaching efficiency through perfecting the appraisal system