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School Ethos and Student Support Committee

The School Ethos and Student Support Committee aims at creating a good school ethos. It cultivates students’ social development by helping them to establish good interpersonal relationships and develop a sense of belonging to school. The committee also helps students to get a better understanding of themselves and to develop problem solving skills so as to inculcate a sense of self-worth, social responsibility and civic awareness into students.

In order to facilitate the development of the school and enhance the school environment, the committee plans and implements schemes for promoting the image of the school. It also helps students, parents and alumni understand the aims and direction of developments of the school.

The followings are the core duties of the committee.

1) To create a campus with the spirit of God and care in order to enhance students’ spiritual health
2) To call for the home room teacher meetings and form meetings, thus constructing, implementing and perfecting school ethos measures and policies
3) To construct, implement and perfect school policies and reward & punishment systems in order to maintain school’s discipline and order as well as nurturing students’ personality and self-discipline awareness
4) To plan, implement and perfect school measures and policies for developments of students’ potential, leadership skills and learning through volunteering
5) To plan, implement and perfect school policies, curriculum and measures for promoting a better school environment which includes different personal growth education programmes for example, religious and spiritual education, life education, sex education and moral & citizenship education etc.
6) To plan, implement and perfect life planning curriculum and activities
7) To organize service teams to facilitate a helping culture and give opportunities for students to help others
8) To improve the school environment, deal with students’ affairs and enhance the sense of belonging of the teachers and students
9) To follow-up students’ development cases and give group counseling if necessary
10) To plan parents education activities and support the work of PTA in order to enhance the connection between the school and the parents by building trust
11) To construct strategies for connections with the alumni and support the work of the alumni committee in order to facilitate communication between the alumni and the school as well as having them to help with the educational development of the school
12) To construct strategies for connections with the community in order to let more people know about the school’s ethos and strengths as well as to enhance their support to our school’s educational development
13) To handle emergency cases

Students will face different kinds of difficulties during their growth. Through a wide range of activities, we can help students to foster correct values and establish their directions and goals so that they can contribute to society in the future.

The school uses a positive attitude while handling students’ problems as the traditional high-handed approach does not necessarily work well.

Therefore, we try to help students, through guidance activities, to maximize their potential to improve and accept the consequence of their behavior.

All teachers play an important role to help students understand the cause of their misbehavior, to encourage students to be responsible for their wrongdoings and accept the consequences of their misbehavior. Most important is to motivate students to develop self-discipline.